Jordanian Women in Tech

Amman, Jordan

Amman (the capital of Jordan) is split into 2 different districts — East and West Amman. West Amman is known to be much more developed and wealthier, meanwhile, the East is very lacking in infrastructure, education, etc.

  • Child marriage by the age of 18: 10%

The 2 root causes of child marriage are education & poverty

In East Amman, families can neither afford education nor just don’t see the value in it. Jordan has one of the highest literacy rates for women with a score of 97.83%. The problem is that women pursue careers that are low in payment, for example, a teacher.

Solution: Tech-Based Program

One of the main reasons why women aren’t engaged in the digital economy is due to the lack of education. Most girls in Amman, Jordan, aren’t exposed to technology-based studies. The solution for a tech-based educational curriculum includes a combination of safety, education, and poverty aid.



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Sanvi Rao

Sanvi Rao

Hey! I’m Sanvi. A 14 year old, who loves a challenge and is super passionate about learning the world’s biggest problems.