Are hospitals really treating you the best way possible?

  • 5' carbon sugar group
  • 1 of 4 nitrogenous bases: Adenine, Guanine, Thymine, Cytosine
  • Biobankers: Storing medical samples for research
  • Biomarkers: Measurable substances (for ex. blood pressure)
  • Genome Sequencing: Uncovering the pattern of 4 nitrogenous bases

Collecting Information → Analyzing → Creating Medicine


confusing, right?

Problems With Today’s Medicine

It’s not good. When we look at treatments like chemotherapy, it kills fast growing cells. But, it doesn’t seem to recognize the difference between cancer cells, and a normal healthy cell. Which makes it quite dangerous. Some of the disadvantages of today’s medicine is the money you put in for the outcome & and the actual outcome

1. Investing in a waste

Money is important. How do I know that? Well, 1) We need money to live 2) we just like it. We usually say, that money needs to be used for a good cause, and of course it does. But can you really ensure it’s going for the best cause?

2. Good Medicine < Better Medicine

Quick question — would you rather have good medicine or a more effective medicine?

Precision Medicine + Patient = better outcome


Benefits of Precision Medicine

I mean, who wouldn’t want personalized medicine? Much more healthcares are switching lanes in precision medicine, and for the record, it is much more convenient. Top universities are also doing heavy research into this topic, but why should we have it?

1. Accuracy

Precision medicine aims to treat your illness based on….you. Using information — Pharmacogenomic, biobankers, and genetics — helps to build medicine that will fit in the specific criteria.

2. Save time/money

What’s better than being out of a hospital faster? Instead of dreading in a the world of disease, the sick, and health problems, wouldn’t you want to go back into the other world with malls or coffee shops?

3. Detecting Diseases faster

Some of the main reason cancer patients die, is because of either



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