Dear 2050, I had a burger made in a lab

A Delicious Burger🍔🤤
  • The Process of Lab-Grown Meat
  • Advantages / Obstacles
  • Perfect Day

Cellular Products

  • Products made of Living / once-living material (with cells)
  • Examples of Cellular Products: Meat, Leather, Fur, Wood

Acellular Products

  • Products made of non-cellular materials (without cells)
  • Examples of Acellular Products: Casein, Gelatin, Vanillin, omega-3 fatty acid.

The Process of Lab-grown Meat

Cellular Agriculture isn’t just about meat, but it dives down all the way to stem cells!

Cell Potency

Totipotent: change into any type of cell

Types of Cells:

Embryonic Stem Cells: pluripotent stem cells that can divide and become any type of cell in the body

The Process:

Stem cells derived from animal → meets growth criteria → becomes into meet

Stem Cells from Animals → Placed on petri dish → Grows → Meat
Process of Lab-Grown Meat
  1. Brought into lab. Usually kept in a petri dish, and surrounded in an environment that promotes its growth
  2. Stems cells grow into a muscle tissue
  3. Several muscle tissues are combined, producing meat
  4. Meat is cooked, and consumed

Advantages of Lab-Grown Meat

  1. Lower green house gas emissions

Disadvantages of Lab-Grown Meat

  1. Cost

Company in Cellular Agriculture: Perfect Day

Products like milk, meat, yogurt, or anything that is produced by animals, can be created in labs. The company “Perfect Day” creates products, usually derived from cows. Perfect Day noticed the large demand in milk products, and uses specific techniques, to manufacture edible milk. They pursue this by using the same process of “milk made in yeast”. Their mission to make foods, like diary products, more convenient. They believe that cellular agriculture can disrupt the food industry, starting off by cow-free milk 🐮🥛



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Sanvi Rao

Hey! I’m Sanvi. A 14 year old, who loves a challenge and is super passionate about learning the world’s biggest problems.